Commitment to 6 consecutive flights

In order to become a future dad and mom, it is important to continue feeding and nourishing to stay healthy and well. 

That’s why we have a commitment to six or more continuations.

New release
from Beruta Maternity popular with pregnant women!

Berta folate supplement has been featured in many women’s magazines and won a gold award in the Monde Selection!!

Ingredients, safety, snuggle
men active in pregnancy, confidence work completed for women!

Conduct radiation, residual pesticide inspection examination of relief only
because it is something to say every day

Berta Folate Maca Plus has conducted a rigorous radioactivity concentration test and pesticide residue test  at a third party.

The ingredients and production environment are thoroughly insisted that even pregnant customers can drink safely.

Frequently Asked Questions
from Customers


How many grains should I drink a day?


Three tablets a day is a standard.


When should I drink?


It is not a medicine, so you can always drink it according to your lifestyle. In addition, you may take one day in divided doses.


Can I drink during pregnancy?


It is not a medicine, so there is no problem if you continue to take it, but if you are concerned, please consult your doctor.


How to save?


After opening, close the chuck tightly, avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place. We recommend keeping it in the refrigerator.


How long should I continue?


Regardless of fertility, we are formulated with multi-component design as nutritional support. Both men and women continue to eat for more than half a year (6 times).


Should men also drink?


We formulated a component for dad and mom support, and developed it for couples. We recommend it for men and women.

Berta folate Maca Plus is different here!

Not only women Ingredients happy for menFormulated with the best balance!

Management dietitian recommended ingredients

A type of essential fatty acid necessary to maintain health . WHO also recommends intake, a health ingredient that is abundant in blue fish.

A highly nutritious food that contains about 40 or more types of nutrients such as carbohydrate (carbohydrate), lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, and essential amino acids, which are the three major nutrients.

Astragine (Kobahagi & Denshichijin), which contains 50 mg in a daily amount, works on other nutritional ingredients and makes it easy to absorb. You can expect to increase the absorption rate of nutrients and health ingredients.

Verta folate maca plus points