Want ultra-smooth, bright, & more radiant skin?
That’s simple and sustainable with BINOTAMA, a 100% Natural Food-Grade Konjac Sponge from Japan.
Nourish your skin while you cleanse!
BINOTAMA gently exfoliates skin and deeply cleanses pores while hydrating skin and balancing its pH levels.
100% Natural Konjac Plant Fiber Sponge
Absolutely free from toxic and harmful chemicals, preservatives, and irritants. Made with only 100% fibre from the Konjac plants grown in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.
Sensitive skin? We got you covered!
BINOTAMA is very gentle and free from any preservatives and additives, making it ideal for everyone - from women, men, and babies. And ideal for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


BINOTAMA is a gentle facial and body cleansing and exfoliating sponge that is made from 100% pure Konjac (Konnyaku) fibre grown in Gunma Prefecture in Japan.

Konjac sponges have been used by the Japanese for over 1500 years to deeply clean and nurture their delicate skin. Originally, they used Konjac sponges as bath sponge for babies because of its very soft texture. Eventually, they started using Konjac as facial and body sponges for adults.

Naturally loaded with vitamins and minerals, Binotama harnesses all the plant goodness to give you these benefits:

  • Deeply cleanses skin pores
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells, blackheads, dirt, and oil
  • Eliminates excess sebum
  • Gently exfoliates skin
  • Hydrates skin and balances pH

How Binotama Is Made

The Manufacturing Process


Konjac root powder is mixed with water and thoroughly stirred until an even blend is reached. The mixture is then heated until it hardened and the sponge is formed.


After the sponge is formed without the use of any chemicals, it is slowly dried and bleached under the sun. It takes about 10 days for both sides of the sponges to whiten.


The sponges are continuously exposed to sunlight and natural cool breeze for up to 3 weeks, or until they are completely dried.


Finally, they are then shaped, manually tied to strings one by one, and packaged.


Step 1

Soak Binotama into clean water to soften the fibers

Step 2

Gently massage onto skin in circular motion. (You may apply soap or your favorite facial cleanser onto the sponge first before massaging it to the skin.)

Step 3

Thoroughly rinse the sponge and squeeze out excess moisture.

Step 4

Hang to dry or place in the refrigerator. Like all natural fibers, konjac root degrades over time, so we suggest replacing it every 30 days.

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