100% Made in Japan

The Perfect Diet Tea


What is Bikanreicha?

Product that is made for women suffering from constipation, swelling, and bad circulation and also helps diet because of detox tea.

  • Story Behind Development
・For women who suffer from constipation and during diet as well.
  • Features

・Sugar is not added but sweet
・4 things of “0” (calorie・sugar・caffeine・carbohydrate)
・7 ingredients selected carefully
・Silver Award on 2017 Monde Selection
・Full – time customer success system



Hydrangea Tea

Keep you look young

Striped Bamboo

Make your body healthy

Candle Bush


Cassia Obtusifolia

Adjust diets


Normalize physical environment

Corn Tea


Black Soy Beans

Beauty effect

How to Drink

  • Pour hot water (200 ml) into the cup and put tea bag.
  • Steaming time is your choice! (app. 5 mins is standard). The more you leave it the sweeter it is.
  • Slightly shake tea bag in the cup, pull it up and DONE!
  • Cold brew is also possible.
    Principle: Cooling your body is taboo for not only diet but also constipation. If you want to drink soon, make it with hot water and move it to a glass with ice drink prep. Put water and tea bag in barley tea pot or water bottle and leave.