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Belta Shampoo

Belta Treatment

Botanical Shampoo & Conditioner

Belta Shampoo

An organic amino acid non-silicone shampoo and treatment aimed at regenerating adult hair troubles from the scalp.

Focusing on 100% natural ingredients and no additives, we pursued gentleness to the skin and hair.
We will introduce the details of each shampoo treatment.

Belta Treatment

BELTA’s thorough commitment is, of course, treatment.
In addition to shampooing, 13 non-silicone treatments were added to the scalp and hair, and damage was repaired and protected.

Please use it with a belt shampoo and experience the best touch.

Focusing on scalp health and aging care, Belta Botanical Shampoo and Treatment comes with 100% natural ingredients, non-silicone with no additives nor petroleum surfactants that can easily damage our hair and scalp.

Made with 15 kinds of organic ingredients, 22 kinds of plant extracts, and 4 kinds of beauty ingredients to rebuild our hair and scalp from damage.

What causes the scalp environment to deteriorate?

1. Use of strong shampoo and detergency

Many shampoos that are inexpensive and widely used use a surfactant derived from petroleum, and are characterized by strong detergency, and even the sebum necessary for the scalp is washed away, causing troubles .

2. Care that emphasizes measures against damage to hair

Silicone coating is a superficial type of hair care that can cause deterioration of scalp environment, leading our scalp to worsen and hair to get damage.

3. Damage that has accumulated with age

Lifestyle: biased eating habits, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, stress. Environmental: UV, air conditioning, drying, pollen, air pollution.
Hair Styling: Coloring, perms, hair irons, hair dryers, hair styling.

Purpose and Usage

Belta Shampoo

  • One who uses hair tonic
  • To improve scalp condition
  • Repair of damaged hair by temporary or permanent color
  • Treat dry scalp because of taking over sebum too much by shampoo in the market
  • Repair hair from the inside for shine that lasts

How to use:

1. Brushing

To prepare your scalp and improve its blood circulation, brush your hair. This is also done for dirt and dust to float, before taking shower.

2. Whisking

Take an appropriate amount of Belta Shampoo on wet hands. Apply lightly and whip to spread the shampoo on to your hair.

3. Hair wash with foam

Shampoo your entire head from the top to the neck area, then front to back.

4. Rinse

Rinse thoroughly, removing all shampoo on your hair.

Belta Treatment

  • To treat damaged and dry hair from the inside
  • To make hair smooth and shiny

How to use:

1. Treatment

Remove remaining moisture of the hair. Take an appropriate amount of Belta Treatment on the hand. Apply along the hair flow without rubbing sideways.

2. Rinse

Let the treatment stay on hair for 3-5 minutes. Then, rinse thoroughly.

3. Towel dry

Wrap it with a towel and gently wipe the scalp and hair. Avoid damaging your scalp nor rubbing your hair with your nails.

4. Combing

Coarse hair flow while gently tangling from the ends with a coarse comb.


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