stretch marks during pregnancy

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As mother and baby skinship

Babies often feel the warmth of momsand dads hands which calm down babiesdiscomfort. Moms can also have peaceand calm moments. By touching baby’s soft skin, uneasinessabout unfamiliar child rearing can berelaxed. It helps to feel more love anddeepen the bond between motherand baby.

keep your baby’s skin healthy

Touch care makes youand your baby’sconnection better

Grasp the baby ‘sright and left legwith one hand andhelp her leg stretch,stroking from herfoot base. Do thesame on the otherleg.

Squeeze the anklewith both handsand shake it 2 or3 times to loosenthe ankle. Do the same on the other ankle as well.

Lay down yourbaby slowly. Withyour palms, gentlystroke down fromher neck basetowards buttocks.

Place your palm onstomach area anddraw a clockwisecircle slowly2 or 3 times.

Hold the arm/wristand bend slowly 2-3times. Place thebaby’s hand on yourshoulder and gentlylift up, with yourhand supporting thebaby’s back.

Hold the thighand slide your handdown slowly towardankle after returningthe hand to the back of thigh.

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