Hair Restorer Belta Hair Lotion

Belta Hair Growth penetrates to the root cause of hair & scalp problems. Also, moisturizes the scalp surface, which nutrient components can easily distribute around the skin to condition the scalp environment.

Made from selected and formulated 56 known hair growth & scalp care ingredients, including 99% of the industry’s largest. 99.6% are naturally derived ingredients with 32 components that directly targets to the pores.

Monde Selection 3rd Consecutive Gold Award

Rakuten Ranking Hair growth · Hair conditioner division 1 to 4 exclusive.
January 11, 2018 Daily Ranking
Hair Lab Women’s Hairdresser Sales Ranking # 1.
As of 2018
ESSE May Issue Outstanding beauty item scalp beauty hair section # 1
January 2018

Belta Hair Care Lotion is used by people of all ages

Belta Hair Lotion is developed for all ages, majority are in their 30s, for hair loss and keep a healthy hair & scalp despite being active in the stressful modern society.

Period covered by the survey: December 2017-November 2018 Number of persons surveyed: 11,232

Hair thinning is caused by poor circulation & hormonal imbalance

Malnutrition due to poor circulation

The blood has a role in transporting the ingested nutrients to where it is needed. If blood circulation goes bad, the amount of nutrients carried will be reduced, and the scalp will become malnourished. As a result, healthy hair does not grow, hair loss increases and it becomes thin hair.

Female hormone reduction

There is a necessary period for healthy hair to grow, and this is called a hair cycle. It is the female hormone estrogen that keeps this hair cycle normal. When the secretion of estrogen decreases, the hair cycle is disturbed, and the hair is thin and not stiff. It looks like the hair has become thin due to lack of volume.

Major cause

  • Stress
  • Unreasonable diet
  • Cold
  • Cold
  • Smoking and Excessive Drinking
  • Irregular life
  • Birth
  • Biased Diet
  • Aging

About Hair Cycle

The process from when one hair starts to grow until it falls off is called hair cycle. In this cycle, the growth phase when hair continues to grow (4-6 years), regression phase which the preparation for growth is complete (1-2 weeks) and the cessation phase until new hair grows naturally (3-4 months). If the hair cycle is disturbed, the growth period becomes shorter and the cessation period becomes longer. As a result, the total number of hair decreases and it becomes thinner.

Three Features of Belta Hair Care Lotion

The largest hair growth scalp care ingredient combination in the industry

Ingredients Main Effects

Hair growth, hair growth, hair thinning, hair growth promotion, hair growth promotion, hair loss prevention, itching, dandruff, post-illness hair loss, postpartum hair loss.

How to use Belta Hair Care Lotion

1. Apply to forehead

While lightly pressing the bottle, apply a line from the forehead to the top of the head. Apply 4-5 drops. It is effective to put it directly on the scalp.

2. Reconcile

Place the belly of the finger on scalp and gently soak it. Be careful not to rub or scratch with your nails as it may damage the scalp.

3. Apply to the back of the head

Apply at the back of the head in a horizontal line with 4-5 drops. Also, don’t forget to apply at the back of your ears and nape.

4. Reconcile

Place the belly of the finger on the scalp and gently soak it. Be careful not to rub or scratch with your nail as it may damage the scalp.

5. Massage the scalp

Put your fingers at the base of your hair. Place the belly of your finger on the scalp and move back and forth. Take more time on areas where the scalp is hard and massaging is not done well.