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How Much Folic Acid Should I Take?

The recommended dose for all women of childbearing age is 400 mcg of folate each day.

Here’s how much folic acid is recommended each day in terms of pregnancy:

Silver and Gold Awardee for 5 Straight Years

BELTA folic acid supplement was accredited in the world

- Monde selection in 2015 through 2019: it got golden awards for these 5th straight year.

BELTA folic acid supplement was accredited in the world

Please deliver it not by cardboard but by mailing envelope. - Our customers' wish came true!

The package of regular delivery for BELTA folic acid supplement has changed!

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Our passion for 6th successive use

Both mothers and babies need to get nutrition continuously in order to make babies keep healthy.

That's why we recommend 6th or more successive use for customers.


Net Weight 48.0g(400mg×120 tablets)
Ingredients Dry yeast, Folate-containing yeast, Moromi vinegar powder, Mineral yeast, Iodine-containing yeast, Eggshell membrane powder (including eggs), Processed products of swallow's nest (dextrin, enzyme-treated axilla), Horse placenta extract powder, Fish collagen (including gelatin), Dried vegetable powder (Barley yound leaves, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Radish leaves, Pumpkin, Sweet potate (purple sweet potato), Bok choy, Parsley, Carrot, Celery, Bitter groud, Spinach, Jew's mallow, Mulberry leaves, Japanese mugwort, Chinese cabbage, Asparagus Tomato, Coleseed greens, Lotus root), Nannochloropsis, Lactic acid bacteria powder (killed lactic acid bacteria, dextrin), Microalga derived DHA · EPA oil/ Shell uncalcined calcium, Cellulose, Ferric pyrophosphate, Calcium stearate, Vitamin C, Citric acid, Calcium phosphate, Lactoferrin (Milk derived), Vitamin B6, Biotin, Coral calcium, Coloring agent (β-carotene), Hyaluronic acid, Folic acid, Extract vitamin E, Niacin, Pantothenic acid Ca, Antioxidant (Catechin, Extract VE), Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin A , Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12
How to Take Please take 4 tablets daily with water or lukewarm water.
Precautions This product is not intended to cure the disease or improve health by over intake. Please follow the daily intake guidelines. If you have allergies, please refer to the raw material label. This product is not for specified health use, and has not been individually reviewed by the Secretary of the Consumer Agency. Dietary balance is based on staple foods, main dishes and side dishes.
Preservation Please store in a cool place away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight.
Country of Origin Japan
Nutrition Facts Serving size (per 4 tablets) Calories 3.99 Kcal, Protein 0.13 g, Fat 0.06 g, Carbohydrate 0.74 g, Sodium 0.015 g, Vitamin B6 3.23 mg, Vitamin C 31.4 mg, Folic acid 400 μg, Calcium 232 mg

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