100% Made in Japan

Belta Enzyme Drink

Peach Flavored Drink

What is Enzyme

Enzyme is a component which is necessary for us to stay healthy. The main component for life activity and occupies 20% of our body.

Enzymes are essential ingredients for people to stay healthy.
Without enzymes, one cannot live healthy.

It is involved in every function of the body, so to speak, it is the leading role of life, the source of human beings.

There are two types of enzymes in the body: digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are used when digesting what is eaten, and metabolic enzymes are responsible for other body functions such as changing nutrients ingested from foods to be used in the body and energy.

Benefits of Belta Enzyme Drink

Activates Metabolism

Removes Fat

Detoxifies the Body

Improves Hormonal Balance

Cell Formation

Increases Natural Healing Power

Facilitates Fatigue Recovery

3 Major Beauty Ingredients

Horse Placenta Extract: rich in ingredients needed to make a healthy body

Speaking of beauty, placenta extract. Do you know how placenta extract works? Placenta extract is an extract from the mammalian placenta, or organ that creates a healthy body in the mother's body . So, it contains abundant ingredients necessary to make a healthy body.

Pomegranate: Beauty effects and pregnant women, as well as worries specific to middle-aged women

Pomegranate contains an ingredient that supports women called plant natural estrogens and has the effect of normalizing the body of women . Since ancient times, pomegranates have been shown to have a significant effect on the problems of pregnant women. This is because estrogen activates the female body.

Microbiologically fermented Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is abundant in the body and gives you a healthy everyday life. And it plays a very important role in maintaining healthy beauty . Hyaluronic acid has the ability to retain approximately 6000 ml of water per gram. It is an ingredient that can contribute to beauty efficiently even in small amounts.


How to Drink

Although it is food, it can be taken anytime, but it is recommended to drink it about 1 hour before meals. Drinking before meals helps digestion and reduces the burden of meals, so you can take nutrition efficiently. Compared to when you are not drinking enzymes, your body is more nutritious and fuller.


Product Name Belta Enzyme Drink
Internal Capacity 710ml
Country of Origin Japan
Raw Material Name Isomalt-oligosaccharide (domestic), fructose glucose liquid sugar, enzamin (plant fermented extract), dietary fiber (digestible dextrin), apple juice, plant fermented extract (brown sugar, orange, pineapple, banana, apple, papaya, guava, Melon, avocado, acerola, dry prunes, lemon, pear, raisins, mango, watermelon, star fruit, kiwi, camcam, acai, shiitake, pumpkin, sweet potato, manjokka, kobemanteiga , bell pepper, red turnip, tomato, chicory, Carrot, radish, cabbage, burdock, puffer, rosemary, cutlet, tahibo (purple ipe), cat's claw, cinnamon, lemongrass, karkaja, sugina, chapeu de kouro, cotton, agaricus, clove, anise, mate, stevia , Fennel, Jutsu, ginger, guarana, pearl barley, passion fruit, leaves of muirapuama, Pata de Vacca , Pedlau mecha, Picao preto, yacon, lotus root, amacha eel, brown rice, oats, corn, barley, black sesame, millet <黍> , Rye, popcorn, peas, red beans, Brazil beans , purple Brazil beans , soybeans, black Brazil beans , chickpeas, lentils, cashew nuts, para nuts , Wakame, kelp, paste, honey, mugwort, turmeric, scorpion leaf, lotus leaf, ginseng, ginseng, hypericum, scorpion root, dandelion root, ganoderma, flax, eucommia leaf, plantain, licorice, pine leaf, nanten leaf , Amadokoroko, Azalea, Tsuruna, Maca, Tonkat Ali, Habusou Pigeons, cedar, loquat leaves, lacanca, wolfberry, spinach, peach leaves, ginkgo biloba leaves, ginseng, fig leaves, safflowers, elephants, enmelio, morrohaiya, pebbles, red-legged wrinkles, wolfberry leaves, oyster leaves, chamomile, Karin, perilla leaf, mulberry leaf, mussels tree, seven ginsengs, yellow root carrots, jujube root, jujube, Salacia, matatabi, shrimp seeds, red ginseng, agaricus, rooibos, amla seeds, onion hull, cats claw, ume. Some include apples, oranges, bananas, cashews, kiwifruit, sesame seeds, and soybeans.
Expiration Date Written on the package.
Calorie About 60kcal per 45ml
How to Drink Consume 45ml at a time as it is or as a diluted beverage. (A measuring cap is included.) A popular way to drink Belta enzyme drinks.
Preservation Method Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Since no preservatives are used, after opening the bottle, close the cap for the Berta enzyme drink properly and store it in the refrigerator.