Which Part of the Face Do Acne Appear More? What Can You Eat to Cure Acne?

Previously, we talked about the causes of adult acne, in which we found that the most common one is stress. And regardless of your age, acne can appear on any part of your face. If you always have acne on the same spot, you may need a special treatment for it.

In this article, we will explore where acne usually appears and what you can eat to cure them.

Spots where acne commonly appear

While acne can appear in any part of your face and body, there are specific spots that are more prone to them than others. These are the following:

T-zone (Forehead and Nose)

Acne is very common in the T-zone where sebum secretion is highly active. When there’s excessive sebum production, pores can get clogged and inflammation follows, causing acne breakout. 


Unlike the T-zone, sebum secretion in the cheeks is relatively low. However, it’s still prone to acne because of buildup of makeup dirt, oil, and debris that clogs pores over time.


Our chin easily gets dry. Excessively dry skin promotes excessive sebum secretion which causes acne. 

Foods that cause acne

Fatty and spicy foods are the top causes of acne. Fatty substances and spices can increase sebum secretion and make the skin’s PH levels unbalanced, triggering breakouts.

According to some, eating too many fish eggs, such as herring roe and salmon roe, can lead to acne.

If you have rough skin now, you have to be more careful about what you eat. It’s best to refrain from eating greasy or spicy foods. Sweets with a lot of fat are also bad enemies for rough skin, so they better be avoided.

Acne is also related to our intestinal function, therefore, it is best to eat with a balanced diet.

Recommended foods when you have acne

These are foods that reduce inflammation when acne occurs:

Azuki (Red Beans)

Red beans are good for breakouts and swelling. They’re rich in dietary fibers that are effective in addressing rough skin and constipation. They remove excess heat from the body and break down toxins to produce pus, allowing pimples and swellings to heal.

Green Beans

Green beans have a detoxifying effect and remove excess heat from the body, therefore, it’s good not only for fever, stomatitis, and redness of eyes, but also for treating pimples and swelling.

Brassicaceae plants (Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli, Rape Blossoms, Turnip, Kale, Radish)

Brassicaceae plants contain a lot of antioxidants that can detoxify our gastrointestinal tract, removing toxins and impurities, thus, helping control acne.

When we are toxin-free from inside, it reflects on our skin and thus helps in keeping our skin healthy.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, C, K and acidic properties that help reduce and clear up acne off your face.


We are what we eat, as they say. Therefore, to cure and prevent acne, you need to carefully watch your diet. Eating too much fatty and spicy foods can easily lead to acne. If you currently have acne, it’s highly recommended to change your diet and try to eat more of the foods we recommended above.