What’s Human Stem Cells? The Effect of Human Stem Cell Culture Solution on Skin Regeneration

Our previous article explained the difference between human stem cells and plant stem cells. Most of us may think that plant stem cells are good for our skin since it’s natural. However, according to some studies, human stem cells are actually the best for us because the components are similar to our skin.

This article will introduce the details of human stem cells and the effects.

1. What’s human stem cells?

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What is the human stem cell culture solution” of RE Placenta Essence that realizes regenerative beauty? This extract activates cells and actively promotes regeneration such as improving wrinkles and sagging resulting in your skin’s youthful glow. The components that are used for RE Placenta Essence are highly functional biological components that have excellent physiological activity. These effectively prevent skin aging and damage, and promotes the regeneration of skin tissue.

The components secreted by stem cells are rich in various physiologically active substances and proteins necessary for tissue regeneration. These growth factors, cytokines, interleukins, etc. play key roles in activating cells by binding to cell receptors.

In addition, extracellular proteins such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are raw materials for tissue formation. RE Placenta Essence (Human Stem Cell Culture Solution) directly acts on dermal stem cells, fibroblasts and epidermal stem cells to promote cell proliferation, activate the cells, and contains abundant components that regenerate skin tissue.

2. Effects of stem cell culture solution components

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best face serum

“Stem cell culture solution component” is a component purified from peptides with various physiological activities secreted by stem cells. The human stem cell culture solution is rich in physiologically active substances such as growth factors, cytokines, enzymes such as interleukins and SOD, and extracellular protein components such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and so on.

You can see various physiological active effects such as improving wrinkles, whitening effect, antioxidant action, and even hair growth. Those effects have been published scientifically.

3. Human stem cell culture solution made in Japan is safe and without side effects

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Regarding human stem cell cultures solution made in Japan, it is common practice to check the safety aspect based on the Pharmaceutical Testing Conductability Standard (GLP) so that they can ship them without cells or genetic material.

They conduct tests of the components of the culture fluid obtained by culturing stem cells and GLP tests. There are very few cases that company conduct those tests for cosmetics because it costs tens of millions yen just to have them tested once.

There have been few cases where safety confirmation has been conducted so far with general cosmetic raw materials. Therefore, RE Placenta Essence is getting popular since human stem cell cosmetics are gradually recognized as highly safe components.

Japan’s safety standards are very strict, so we can assume that there is almost zero side effects.


Even if RE Placenta Essence is high quality and safe as made in Japan, there may be a few side effects and risks of human stem cell cosmetics like “allergic reaction” and “irritability”.

Not only human stem cell cosmetics but also cosmetics, we can’t say they match with all types of skin. It always depends on individual. Regarding human stem cell culture solutions, at least under the present circumstances, the risk of causing skin problems such as inflammation, itching, swelling and redness has not been confirmed.

However, if you are worried, do a patch test in advance. And if you feel uncomfortable with human stem cell cosmetics, ask your doctor.

Human stem cell culture solution is high quality with almost zero side effects, and works on improving sagging, wrinkles and whitening. If you try some cosmetics for anti-aging, try RE Placenta Essence first. You will surely see great results on your skin!

If you are interested in its powerful skin regeneration and anti-aging effects, check out its placenta, human stem cell, and growth components in more detail on this page.



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