What Can We Expect from Taking BCAA? Why is Amino Acid “BCAA” Necessary in Building Muscle?

Do you know the amino acid “BCAA”? It’s often included in sports drinks and dietary supplements these days, so you might have seen it before. However, you may not know what BCAA is and what it’s good for.

This article will introduce BCAA which is important in building muscles.

1. What’s BCAA?

There are nine types of essential amino acids that must be ingested to live. Among these, it’s said that the three amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine, are significantly involved in muscle energy metabolism and synthesis.

The three types of amino acids: valine, leucine and isoleucine are called branched chain amino acids or BCAA (abbreviated to Branched Chain Amino Acid) because they have a branching structure.

2. What are the roles of BCAA?

BCAA is found in muscle and blood, and it is said to be involved in muscle protein synthesis and muscle synthesis. It is also used as an energy source during exercise.

BCAA reduces muscle breakdown
When you exercise, it breaks down the sugars (glycogen) and fat that are stored in the muscles and uses them as energy. If there is not enough, it also produces energy from sugar, fat and BCAA in the blood.

However, the use of BCAA may degrade the muscle protein with BCAA, which may not be sufficient to construct the muscle, and may cause muscle damage so you can’t see the effects as expected.

Therefore, it’s said that muscle breakdown can be suppressed by increasing BCAA in the blood during exercise, and the training effect may be enhanced.

Isoleucine can push the muscle synthesis switch!
Of the amino acids that make up the protein in muscle, the proportion of BCAA is said to be about 35%. Therefore, when doing muscle training to improve performance etc., BCAA plays a very important role.

And among these important nutrients, leucine has the strongest influence on muscle synthesis.

3. How can you take BCAA?

This table shows foods containing BCAA.

When taking BCAA from food, we recommend combining several protein sources, such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, and soy products with balanced meals.

When should you take BCAA?

【Before exercise】
The energy supply from carbohydrates is depleted especially in long running exercises and walking, so muscle degradation tends to progress while obtaining energy source. Therefore, it’s recommended to take BCAA before exercise in order to increase the BCAA content in the blood.

【After exercise】
Muscle repair after training is key. It is recommended to take BCAA also after exercise because protein supplementation immediately after training may improve the rate of muscle protein synthesis.

For example, you may need to make good use of BCAA formulated protein powders and supplements in accordance to the purpose and type of your exercise (not only before, but also) after muscle training.

There are many supplements that contain BCAA these days. However, if you are aiming to build muscle efficiently, we recommend Belta BCAA. It’s getting popular in Japan and even young women take Belta BCAA before and after exercise.

Of course, you can’t rely solely on BCAA supplement. For those who want to build muscle, it is recommended to take essential amino acids from foods that contain high-quality protein as well.


BCAA is not only involved in the composition of the muscle. It also helps to suppress muscle disassembly (through muscle exercise), strengthens muscles, and reduces fatigue. So take BCAA, like Belta BCAA, when you exercise to get optimum performance in building muscle.

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