The Role of Enzymes for Weight Loss

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Did you know that eating slowly allows the enzymes in your body to properly absorb your food? Enzymes are required to break down your food so you can get the essential nutrients your body needs. Without enzymes, you will experience poor digestion. And if you have poor digestion, you will undoubtedly experience weight gain.

In this article, we will discuss the role of enzymes for weight loss.

All About Enzymes

Enzymes contain proteins and some contain vitamins. The proteins in enzymes serve merely as carriers of enzyme activity factors. So, enzymes are protein carriers charged with vital energy factors, just as your car battery consists of metal plates charged with electrical energy.

Three Classes of Enzymes

Metabolic Enzymes – All our organs and tissues are run by metabolic enzymes. They take proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and structure them into healthy bodies, keeping everything working in harmony. Every organ and tissue has its own particular metabolic enzymes to do specialized work.

Studies have shown that there are 98 distinct enzymes working in the arteries, each with a particular job to do. Hundreds of metabolic enzymes are necessary to carry on the work of the body to repair damage and decay, and heal diseases.

Digestive Enzymes – These enzymes have three main tasks: digesting protein, carbohydrate, and fat. Proteases are enzymes that digest protein; amylases digest carbohydrates, and lipases digest fat.

Food Enzymes – This is the nature’s way of helping our bodies in digestion instead of forcing the body’s digestive enzymes to carry the whole load. If food enzymes perform some of the work, the enzyme potential can allot less activity to digestive enzymes, and have much more to give to the hundreds of metabolic enzymes that run the entire body.

Enzymes possess biological and chemical properties. When ingested, the enzymes in raw food, or supplementary enzymes, result in a significant degree of digestion, lowering the drain on the organism’s own enzyme potential. When an excessive amount of digestive enzymes is made, the enzyme potential may be unable to produce an adequate quantity of metabolic enzymes to repair body organs and fight disease.

The Significance of Food Enzyme in Our Body

Dragon fruit in Belta Malt Raw Enzyme
Dragon fruit in Belta Malt Raw Enzyme

Enzymes make the digestion of food possible. However, food enzymes are essential for optimal health and must come from uncooked foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, raw sprouted grains, unpasteurized dairy products, and food enzyme supplements.

As we age, our internal enzymes become depleted. When this continues, our digestive and eliminative capacities weaken which can lead to acute health complaints, obesity, and chronic illnesses.

If there are no food enzymes, your body must produce additional digestive enzymes, which results in fewer metabolic enzymes. Eating a diet composed of at least 70% of raw foods may provide the vital enzymes you need.

Effect of Enzymes in Initiating Weight Loss

Enzymes from fruit and vegetables
Enzymes from fruit and vegetables

Dr. Guyton of Tufts Medical School states that obesity is strongly due to an insufficient level of lipase, the fat-splitting enzyme. Inadequate levels of protease and lipase lay the foundation for all major degenerative diseases and weight gain.

According to Dr. Max Wolfe of Fordham University Department of Medicine and pioneering author of enzymology, indigestion due to greasy foods is common. Plant-based enzymes are helpful for weak digestion in old age, or for digestive disturbances. Enzymes are helpful with large, rich meals, or hard-to-digest foods.

Moreover, eating raw and fresh fruits and vegetables like salads every day will help your body produce enzymes. So, taking digestive and food enzymes improves the rate at which nutrients are broken down, allowing for their faster absorption.


Therefore, enzymes have an important role in managing weight loss and especially in keeping our body fit and healthy. Sadly, most of us are enzyme deficient due to eating processed and cooked foods daily. So, eating fresh foods helps us to have the highest amount of enzymes.

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