On Skin, Weight Loss, Anti-aging, and Wardrobe – 6 Best Practices for Busy, Low-maintenance Bookworms in Looking Fresh and Fab

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You don’t have to choose between combing your hair and the book you’re reading.

However, due to our busy lifestyle, many of us can probably relate more to the “low-maintenance chick”, or in my case specifically, “bookworm”. Therefore, to answer the need to maintain good health and look presentable in spite of the chaos of the daily grind (and book reading), we have summarised and created an overall method that covers the core of these necessities. Because – why not?

So without further ado, let us tell you how you can maintain a fresh look by incorporating the following principles and best practices in your daily routine.

On cleansing

Cleansing is the foundation of fresh skin. Use an all-natural and mild facial wash that helps maintain moisture, and can safely be used twice a day.

Breakouts are natural and expect to have them now and then, so keep a tube of pimple cure handy. Though we usually don’t mind having a few red bumps now and then, you can opt to cover the spots with concealer once the medicine has dried, on days when you’re feeling like a perfectionist.

Currently, we are obsessed with Palclair Creamieux. It’s a 100% organic facial foam made in Japan. Use it with a foaming net that comes with the package, because it’s the only way you can use it twice a day without over-drying your skin.

Just put a pea-sized amount and rub that into the wet foaming net with clean hands to create bubbles with the consistency of a shaving cream. This foam is what you want to cleanse your face with. Never apply the product directly onto your skin as it can leave you with dry patches. To use a foaming net, checkout a demo on this page.

According to a review:

“I have been using Palclair Creamieux for over 2 months now, and I’ve hardly had any breakouts in the places where my pimples usually come out – which is practically on every part of my face wherever they feel like making an appearance, but more often near the hairline, and the cheeks where skin and hair often touch, and the chin. Palclair Creamieux has made it possible to skip the pimple ointments, and foundation from my routine.”

Palclair Creamieux is especially formulated for deep cleansing and acne treatment for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. If you want to know what’s in it, checkout this page.

A two-step cleansing routine – wash and tone

Once you’ve washed your face, you will want to “finish off” with a hydrating toner that can clear the pores of residue from your facial wash.

Many of the natural facial washes that we have tried are very mild that they would leave the skin with a slippery residue, and not be able to rid the face completely of dirt. However, using a mild facial wash and finishing your cleansing routine with a toner is preferable because this method is safer for the skin. It retains moisture and prevents wrinkles as well.

Many have tried using harsh chemical facial washes and did away with the toner. Although these types of cleansers have the capacity to thoroughly clear the skin of dirt, they can, at the same time, strip it off of the essential moisture that acts as a protective barrier from bacteria.

Without this essential protective moisture, the skin becomes oily (which causes the pores to enlarge as well) because it tries to compensate for the lack of hydration. Oily skin without its protection is more vulnerable to pimples.

So cleansing the pores with a toner after washing helps maintain clear skin and refines them by completely removing trapped oil and dirt. It also increases the absorption of your moisturizers, therefore making them more effective. Again, opt for a natural toner when possible.

On moisturizers and sunblock

Moisturizers – it can take time to find a moisturiser that works best for your skin. Still, natural moisturisers are a safe bet, preferably those with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and sunblock.

And speaking of sunblock – don’t assume that your skin is invincible to sun damage just because you are not seeing its effects on your skin.

So use sunscreen if you don’t want to age prematurely. Avoid getting haunted by the effects of sun damage when you are older. Guaranteed, you will thank your young self for habitually using sunscreen when you realize how your skin looks a whole lot healthier and looks way younger than your age.

On supplements and vitamins

These help your body recover and support it especially on the days when you have been careless with taking care of your skin.

The benefit of regularly taking supplements and vitamins is that by preventing further damage from happening to your skin, you are effectively maintaining its health by bringing it back to its fresh and youthful state.

The secret to anti-aging is not through a one-time solution, but good skincare habits. And Bisuppon is our best bet on anti-aging collagen supplement! 100% organic, Bisuppon replenishes the necessary collagen that effectively prevents ageing. What’s more, it helps you sleep! Checkout the effects of Bisuppon collagen on sleep on this page.

For more details about Bisuppon and its effects, go to this page.

On Diet and exercise

10-90 Diet

Let’s have a realistic approach to diet – maintaining good diet that sustains your body’s needs does not have to be perfect. You can afford to indulge and give in to unhealthy craving if you can eat nutritious food for about 80 to 90 percent of the time.

So if you allow yourself to indulge in sweets in the middle of the day, eat junk food, and high calorie pizza when you are especially hungry or stressed, do make it a point to recover with healthy options for the majority of the meals and snacks that you take.

And whenever you feel the craving, try to go for healthier options. Munch on peanuts instead of chips, or go for soy drinks instead of soft drinks.

On making exercise a habit

If we didn’t need it, we would probably not exercise. However, you can create a reward system for yourself that will effectively motivate you to maintain your exercise routine.

For example, if you are overweight, realise the disappointment in having to spend a lot of time carefully selecting your clothes just to avoid exposing or highlighting the fatty parts of your insecurity.

Another example is, if you live in a tropical country where great beaches are everywhere, aim to create an experience of wearing cool bathing suits and enjoying white sand beaches. Who wants to miss out on that? It also feels so much better to wear light clothing that is suitable for the climate than covering yourself up. Shorts and sun dresses in the summer are definitely more preferable.

Do you need help with exercise? Good habits can be efficiently incorporated into your lifestyle with this scientific approach to personalise your reward system. Go to this page now!

Why are French women skinny? Know their secrets on this page.

On skin tone and wardrobe

Low-maintenance girls do not have a lot of time to think about their clothing. But you can keep a few essentials to mix and match. There are six essential wardrobe pieces that you need to have, and they are found on this page.

Remember also to take your skin tone into consideration when selecting the colours of your wardrobe. Below is a guide in identifying your skin undertone and the best colours that bring out their beauty.

Go to this page.


So these are our hassle-free best practices for skin, body, and fashion – especially designed for low-maintenance girls out there who live with a real-life purpose. You are not forgotten – so be healthy, look great, and rock on!

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