Intestines: The Amazing Role of Your “Second Brain” in Weight Loss and Clear Skin!

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Keeping your intestine healthy is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health as it brings many advantages such as enhancing detox function, improving constipation, clear skin, and increased metabolism!

This article will explain the amazing role of the intestines.

1. Function of intestine

Understanding the function of the intestine is important in order to prevent the aging of the intestinal environment and to activate the intestinal function. The intestine is an organ as important as the brain and it’s actually called the “second brain”. Its functions are wide-ranging, which includes the digestion and absorption of nutrients, the excretion of waste products, and the activation of the immune system. Let’s take a look at the various functions of the intestine.

2. Digestion and absorption of nutrition

One of the most representative functions of the intestine is the digestion and absorption of nutrition. What we eat is digested and absorbed mainly in the small and large intestines, and excreted in about 24 hours.

The small intestine is mainly responsible for digestion and absorption, and uses digestive enzymes such as bile and pancreatic fluid to decompose proteins into amino acids, carbohydrates into glucose, and lipids into fatty acids, and so on. About 90% of the nutrients that are broken down are absorbed by the small intestine.

Food waste that can’t be digested and absorbed in the small intestine is transported to the large intestine. And, after some of the water is absorbed, it is decomposed and becomes an energy source. As you can see, most of the nutrients are absorbed by the intestine, and it is clear that the intestinal environment is greatly related to our health.

3. Waste and toxin excretion

The large intestine plays an important role of “excreting waste matters through the stool.” In the process of food digestion and absorption, many waste matters are created. The large intestine, located at the bottom of the digestive tract, gathers spoils of food as well as food waste that can’t be digested. The large intestine handles these waste matters.

If the intestines do not work properly, food residue and waste matters remain in the large intestine, resulting in constipation. It may cause obesity and bad skin as it retains unnecessary waste matters and toxins in the body. Keeping your intestine healthy improves its function, so it can be expected to enhance the excretory function and absorption of nutrients.

4. Regulation of immune function

DID YOU KNOW – The intestine contains more than 60% of all immune cells and is said to be the largest immune organ in our body.

Pathogens and viruses often come into the intestine because they are mixed with the food and drink which enter the mouth. For this reason, it is thought that immune cells are concentrated in the intestine so that foreign substances and pathogens that invade from the outside can be eliminated. Since deterioration of the intestinal environment is directly linked to the deterioration of the immune function of the intestine, it can’t stand against harmful substances and causes various diseases such as cold, influenza, and the onset of allergy once the immune function decreases.

5. Create “happiness hormone”

Neurotransmitters that are essential in influencing human emotions – such as serotonin which is also called happiness hormone, and dopamine that amplifies pleasure, are synthesized in the intestine. In addition, intestinal bacteria also have a role in the synthesis of folic acid and vitamins such as vitamin B3 and vitamin B6, which are directly linked to mental stability. In particular, serotonin is also a source of the sleeping hormone melatonin which is significant to improving the quality of sleep and depressive symptoms.

There is a lot to be praised for the role of our intestines. Once the intestine function decreases, you may easily get sick. To keep your intestines healthy, check our articles on Rooibos tea and Raw Enzyme! Click on this page and this page to know more!

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