If You Can’t Sleep well, Taking Collagen is Recommended

Have you ever experienced difficulty sleeping? Do you have insomnia? If so, this article can help you.

These days, “glycine” has gotten a lot of attention from people who can’t sleep well. If you are wondering what glycine is, read on to know why it’s good for sleeping problems.

1. What’s glycine?

First of all, what kind of compound is “glycine”? Of the twenty amino acids that make up proteins, the non-essential amino acid with the simplest structure (and hence the smallest molecule) is glycine (H2NCH2COOH).

The simplest amino acid, glycine, which can also be synthesized in the human body, has gotten attention for having the effect of improving the quality of sleep. Before talking about sleep, let’s briefly explain the main role of glycine and how it is used in vivo.

2. Role of glycine

  • Glycine accounts for one third of the amino acids that make up collagen.
  • It becomes a raw material of hem which becomes a structure of hemoglobin and myoglobin.
  • It is the most important cellular antioxidant and a source of glutathione which also has detoxification effects.
  • It becomes the source of creatine, which is stored in muscles and used as an energy source.

Glycine itself is one of the non-essential amino acids synthesized in the body.  And, as mentioned above, it is a source of substances for crucial body functions.

3. Glycine taken two hours before bedtime leads to a deep sleep

As you know now, glycine is undoubtedly very important as a nutrient. Also, it has been found that it has the benefit of improving the quality of sleep. According to an academic source, it can be observed that by taking glycine, two major effects can be expected (there may be individual differences).

One is the improvement of sleep quality. In particular, it is said that faster and deeper non-REM sleep (deep sleep) can be obtained. As a result, it lessens the feeling of fatigue, and you will feel more refreshed when you wake up. This is good news for those who have sleeping problems.

One more thing is that glycine works on the skin. Specifically, there is a significant reduction in trans epidermal water loss which was found to improve the skin barrier function. There is also a significant reduction in the IL-1ra / IL-1α ratio in the stratum corneum which leads to have beautiful skin and an improvement in sensitive skin. Both effects are based on the intake of 3g of glycine two hours before bedtime.

However, you may wonder how much collagen you should take, and if there is any good way to take it to make it effective? Of course, you can eat foods that contain lots of collagen such as chicken skin, tail of cow, pork, shark’s fin, and etc.

However, it may not be a convenient keep taking glycine from food sources alone. So, we recommend taking it regularly from supplements that contain collagen, especially Bi-Suppon Collagen Supplement. It’s very easy to take and the results on your skin is visible. As mentioned above, sleep quality also improves. If you have a problem with sleeping, try Bi-Suppon Collagen Supplement!

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