Bisuppon Collagen Review: The Effects on Stress and Hair Loss

Bisuppon review

Are you healthy but suffering from major issues caused by fatigue? Like hair fall, insomnia, pimples or bad skin, etc.?

If you are constantly busy and stressed out most of the time, then you can probably relate to this post. I found a great stress buster in the form of an organic collagen from Japan called Bisuppon. I’ve been taking it for seven months now. What are its benefits?

Effects on Fatigue, Hairloss, Skin, and Sleep


I had been juggling full-time work, a part-time online job, and other side projects when my brother called to my attention the state of the floor in my bedroom. He was shocked at the amount of hair scattered all over the place.

It was something that I had noticed for quite some time but chose to ignore. I was eating normally and healthily about 80% of the time. I ran regularly (about 1 to 2 times a week), rarely drank, and do not smoke.

So I thought I was ok, until my hair came out in clumps every time I ran my hand through it. More came out in the shower after shampoo and literally every time I touched it. I’ve never had my hair treated with chemicals and I’m always careful about wearing hairstyles that are too tight. I was taking my vitamins and couldn’t figure out what was causing the extreme hair fall.

If this scenario seems familiar then you probably chose to ignore the situation the same way I did because the hair wasn’t coming out and leaving me with bald patches, anyway. However, there is an obvious thinning of my hair overall, which I had noticed especially around my hairline.

Bisuppon Collagen as an anti hairloss supplement

In the course of learning Japanese anti aging and weight loss tips, I discovered that stress manifests in different ways for people.

In regard to my problem with extreme hair fall, one month on Bisuppon was all it took to cut down the hair loss to about 50%. Since then, hair strength has improved and hair fall was reduced significantly with continued use.

On the average, about 5 to less than ten strands are all that ever come out now after shampoo, which is normal. I haven’t noticed my hair falling all over the floor anymore, since taking Bisuppon collagen.

Bisuppon Collagen was especially effective for sleep and fatigue

I normally get an average of only 5 to 6 hours of sleep everyday. I try to get into bed early but manage to sleep a couple of hours after lying down. Also my body feels weak and heavy when I wake up in the morning.

Less than a week after I started on Bisuppon, I was able to get into a deep, restful sleep. Even though I have continued to get only 5 to 6 hours of sleep every day, I don’t feel sluggish and can function better mentally and physically.

For the first time in a very long time, I realised what a few hours of quality sleep can do. The glycine in Bisuppon is what helps you sleep, actually. More about that on this page.

There are more tips on getting quality sleep and waking up rejuvinated on this page.

Bisuppon Collagen has helped me look young and fresh

With the tasks that I have to face everyday, the look of fatigue in my face is always present. I used to think that the eyebags, dry/oily skin, large pores, pimples caused by hormone imbalance, are normal, given the workload that I have imposed upon myself.

However, as we get older and approach the late 20s and 30s, the effects of stress and fatigue are ever slower and harder to recover from. And so I have decided to focus on the ways to regularly recuperate from stress.

There are many collagen supplements in the market, but the quality of collagen in Bisuppon is what sets it off from other collagen supplement products.

This explains its efficiency on skin regeneration. The amino acid content is 250 times more than black vinegar – and this high content is the key to its effective anti-aging effects on the skin.

We have a more detailed review on the effects of Bisuppon on the skin on this page!
The top of the line beauty components (see components on this page) also help make it possible to maintain skin moisture and regular skin turnover. This, I believe, is something that you’ll be able to observe as a long-term effect – which may also depend on your age as some users have reported much faster effects (within a month).

For me, I had noticed that my dark eye bags were not as visible anymore and my skin has maintained an elasticity after about three months of taking Bisuppon. There is an overall brightening of the skin as a result of the removal of dead skin and scars.

I was amazed at the capacity of the skin to maintain texture and moisture inspite of the abuse that it takes everyday. As a matter of fact, it felt like it had gone back to my careless days in my 20s when, because of the body’s capability to recover fast, the effects of stress hardly showed on my face. It’s amazing.

Internal stress recovery is more important than makeup!

The anti aging skin benefits that Bisuppon afforded me is one of the greatest gifts that I ever gave to myself as I’ve never been a fan of heavy makeup coverage.

Without this all-in-one stress buster, I would have continued to spend on many separate products for hair loss, skin coverage/makeup, and sleep. If I added that all up:

    1. Good quality, medium coverage bb or cc cream/foundation: About 1000Php plus at the minimum (between 20USD to 30USD, good for 3 months)
    2. Vitamins for sleep: About 150Php or 3USD per week or 12USD/month
    3. Organic anti hair loss shampoo and conditioner: 7USD to 10USD (Php500) per month
    4. Vitamins for the skin, hair, and nails from Healthy Options: 12USD/month
    5. Plant based scalp serum: for 5USD/month
    6. Drugstore moisturiser: 3 USD/month (Php150)
    7. Sunblock: 4USD (Php200)

Which totals to around 66USD or Php3,300

I’ve traded the products above for:

    1. Baby shampoo: 3 USD/month
    2. Light coverage drugstore bb cream, good for 3 months: 9USD
    3. Sunblock: 4USD/month
    4. Drugstore moisturiser: 3USD/month
    5. Bisuppon: 33USD or Php1,680/month

For a total of 53USD or Php2,600

It’s too much effort to have to remember everything I’ll have to take and put on everyday given my busy lifestyle, so I’m sticking with my Bisuppon regimen. Obviously, it’s cheaper and convenient. Bisuppon is also a 100% organic product. So no worries there.

Bisuppon collagen is truly an effective form of internal stress recovery supplement. Check out the details of its components on these pages! Click 1 and 2