Bi Suppon Collagen Supplement from Japan and My Amazing Skin Transformation

The first time I tried Bi Suppon was also the first time I took collagen, so I didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew about collagen is that it’s very popular among young adults to middle-aged women who want to look young. I didn’t understand the role of collagen in the biological processes involving regeneration.

That’s right – regeneration is the key to youth, and like a straight-A student, Bi Suppon Collagen supplement seems to have perfectly covered all the major points of skin renewal.

What do I like about Bi Suppon Collagen Supplement? What makes it effective?

best collagen supplement
best collagen supplement

First of all, Bi Suppon collagen supplement is 100% organic. Although I do try to keep myself healthy, sometimes I can’t help but give in to sweets or junk food – and I just love coffee, though I don’t smoke. And let’s not get into the details of stress because it’s always there. And now that I am in my late 30s, I have noticed that stress, and too much sugar, caffeine, and sodium can have an almost immediate effect on my skin. And it can take days for the large pores, oiliness, the bags, and the ‘tired look’ to recover from an over-consumption of any one these substances.

So Bi Suppon, being organic, means that I didn’t have to think twice about taking it. Plus it’s an all-in-one product that contains not only collagen, but also the most potent beauty must-haves like royal jelly, hyaluronic acid, pearl, swallow’s nest, and shark fin.

I am not going to get into the specifics of what these stuff can do for your skin, but if you really want to know, then go to this page.

Anyways, Bi Suppon collagen supplement saved me so much time incorporating these superstars in my skincare routine that it cut down the products that I use daily to just four – facial wash, Bi Suppon collagen supplement, moisturizer, and sunblock.

The synergistic effects of Bi Suppon collagen and the beauty components mentioned above has made it possible for my skin to recover at a much faster rate to the point that (after about 3 months), I noticed that it has regained a plumpness and elasticity that I’ve experienced only in my early to mid 20’s. It was an impressive effect! Continued intake of Bi Suppon, has further maintained the smoothness and fast rate of skin regeneration. All I have to do is take 3 of these brown beans and sleep on it overnight! I’m on my 5th month of taking Bisuppon, and even after staying out in the sun and soaking in salty water for a day at the beach, my skin didn’t get dry or oily. The tendency to keep the lines on my forehead and the outer corners of my eyes when I’m smiling (even when I’ve put on sunblock), is gone. The slight burn quickly healed after only a few days, and though I was still slightly brown after a week, my skin was smooth and plump as ever, and wrinkle-free.

This practice of taking Bisuppon collagen before bedtime optimizes the skin’s regenerative capability so that it recovers quickly. If you have problems with sleeping, the glycine contained in Bi Suppon collagen supplement can do the trick.Quality sleep, more than anything, not only keeps you sane but also pretty! Yes, don’t we all know that already – but isn’t it nice that Bisuppon collagen has anticipated my problem with insomnia, too? So checkout the effects of glycine on this page.

There are other feedback from satisfied users who claim much faster results with Bi Suppon collagen and got noticeable results in a month – but I’m not complaining. I’ve made a good deal considering that Bi Suppon has helped make it possible to realize skin goals that I thought was no longer achievable at my age – at a very affordable price! Plus I sleep better, I don’t look stressed, and hair fall has significantly decreased.


Whitening vs. brightening

Once the effects of Bi Suppon have been fully realized, you will want to flaunt your skin rather than cover it with make-up. Put a little color on your lips, brush up your brows and you are all-set. You can confidently evolve back into your not-so-innocent, simple highschool make up routine, haha.

The genius of Bi Suppon collagen supplement is that it does not contain glutathione, which can have an unnatural skin whitening effect. Rather, it has a brightening effect. “What difference does that make?”, you might ask. Young skin, regardless of the skin tone, has a natural glow brought about by young cells and a good balance of skin moisture. The regenerative, anti-oxidant, moisture retention, and metabolic properties of Bi Suppon, all work together to recreate just that. It’s the most natural-looking skin comeback.

Did you know that Bi Suppon collagen comes from the soft-shelled turtle?

However, there is no need to worry about turtle abuse. The safe extraction of Bisuppon is actually one of the first things that I looked into when I first discovered its source.

In many parts of Asia since ancient times, soft-shelled turtles are consumed for their high nutrition and medicinal benefits. The emperor tissue, in particular, contains the purest forms of collagen. However, these creatures, being reptiles, are able to regenerate these parts of their bodies. The “suppon” is extracted with citric acid and yields the purest and highest concentrated form of collagen.

So turtle gets to live, and we get the best kind of collagen – isn’t that a great deal? I am now a big fan of soft-shelled turtles who are ever so generous with their collagen!

Why can’t I just take collagen from food?

Well, no one’s stopping you of course, but when Bi Suppon collagen is processed into supplements in the form of hydrolized collagen peptides, the absorption rate is 90% more than collagen ingested from food sources. The high concentration of collagen processed by the body in a short period of time makes it possible to revive old skin into its youthful state and restore its regenerative powers.

Out of all skin components, why does the lack of collagen make a huge difference in ageing?

Proteins, as we know, are the the building blocks of our bodies and has a major function to repair it. Collagen is a type of protein that makes up 30% of the body, and the skin contains 70% of it which explains why age is easily reflected on the skin when collagen production starts to decrease in our 20s.

Collagen is also found in bones and cartilage so that the effects of Bi Suppon collagen is not only skin-deep. It actually does a lot more for you by reducing the risk of osteoporosis and maintaining bone health. As the state of the skin is indicative of what’s happening inside the body, when you start noticing the effects of Bi Suppon on the skin, it means that it has already taken effect, inside the body as well. Why women need to be conscious about bone health can be scientifically explained. Us, women, generally have weaker bones because we have smaller frames, or bodies. Also the decrease in the production of estrogen as we age contributes to bone loss.

It is such an amazing coincidence that collagen has the integrity to support not only what is visible, but also the invisible – namely the skin and bones, respectively. And the most efficient and convenient way to do that is through Bi Suppon collagen supplement. Check out the complete components on this page!