Youth is a Mindset – Exercising the Brain for Mental and Physical Strength (Part 1)

As we age, our brain’s learning capacity rate is at risk of potential damage by the time we hit our late 20s. Like the other parts of our body, the brain’s aging process initiates by that period as we begin to lose neurons, essential cells that make up the brain and nervous system.

Indeed, it is a difficult challenge to maintain youthful cognitive function. But, do you know that we can slow the aging process of our brain as we improve our memory?

In this two-part article series, we will first discuss about our marvelous brain and how important is cognitive training for mental strength.

Learning Ability of the Human Brain

The human brain is an incredibly complex physiological organ. Learning is as natural as breathing with a possibility to either inhibit or facilitate it. The brain absorbs the information of which it is directly aware and to which it is paying attention. It also learns optimally when appropriately challenged. Learning actually changes the structure of the brain as the more we learn, the more unique we become.

Our way of learning is a perplexing phenomenon requiring flexibility to adapt existing brain function and precision in selecting new neurophysiological activities. Let’s take a look first in the composition of our brain: the human brain is consists of about 1 billion neurons. When these neurons combined to create memories, our brain has an amazing storage capacity of 2.5 pentabytes or more than 1 million gigabytes when compared to our storage devices.

So, each one of us has the ability to improve our individual memory, thanks to the wonderful learning capacity we have. Depending on our own capability to store information, we have different levels and skills of learning and understanding various topics and matters. Smart people are believed to acquire the best brain wiring which permits an electrical impulse travel across the brain more quickly than people with average intelligence. But, is that really true?

Importance of Cognitive Training in Enhancing the Mind

*Cognitive thinking refers to the use of mental activities and skills to perform tasks such as learning, reasoning, understanding, remembering, paying attention, etc.(from the web)

Well, think about the significance of body exercise to achieve a healthy and well-toned body. In order for a person to gain a beautiful physique, he must perform an effective workout according to his body and health capacity. For that same idea, brain or cognitive training is a beneficial technique in reprogramming or rewiring your brain.

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Some Japanese researchers conducted an experimental study of brain training in young adults. They measure their eight categories of the cognitive functions which are fluid intelligence, executive function, working memory, short-term memory, attention, processing speed, visual ability, and reading ability. Their study showed that cognitive training game had the beneficial effects on improving cognitive functions in the healthy young adults.

There are several studies that showed video game training might be a helpful way to improve certain aspects of cognition like attention, working memory, reasoning, speed of processing, cognitive control and dual-task switching particularly for older people. Some action video games enhances a variety of cognitive and peripheral abilities such as peripheral vision and visuospatial attention.


Thus, doing some brain or cognitive training games is a wonderful way to to enhance our mental strength. Like body exercise, our brain needs to have a daily exercise to boost and sharpen our memory. It is also vital to avoid serious psychological and mental health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

In the next article, we will get to know more about some useful apps to help improve your memory and fortify your mental strength.

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