Severe Morning Sickness: Why does Morning Sickness Happen When You Are Pregnant?

Many mothers experience the symptoms of “morning sickness” when they are pregnant. Each morning sickness symptom varies depending on the person. Some of them say that “My morning sickness was worse than giving a birth!”

In this article, we will introduce morning sickness and its symptoms.

1. Why do you have morning sickness when you are pregnant?

What are the main causes of morning sickness?

The causes of morning sickness occurring in the early stages of pregnancy have not yet been found out even in modern medicine and the best treatment have yet to be discovered. It is said that the body cannot keep up with changes in hormonal balance due to pregnancy, causing symptoms such as nausea.

How long will you have morning sickness?

There are individual differences when it starts and when it ends, but it seems that in general it begins around 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy and it ends in about 12 to 16 weeks.

Peak of morning sickness is said to be around 8 to 10 weeks, but there are individual differences in the duration and severity as well. How morning sickness ends have different ways as well- the symptoms suddenly stop or it gradually goes away.

2. What are the symptoms of severe morning sickness?


To have nausea is a typical symptom of morning sickness at the beginning of pregnancy. You will always be kind of sick in the stomach and feel nauseous. You may vomit as well. Some people can’t even drink water suddenly and lose weight. Many mothers may experience this symptom.

Nauseous on an empty stomach

This is a morning sickness that you have when you are hungry. You feel nauseous when you stop eating. Therefore, you have to keep on eating. Sometimes you may vomit as well. Because of overeating, you may gain weight and many of mothers are concerned about it.

Nauseous because of smell

This morning sickness occurs because of smell and you become very sensitive to smell unlike before. You get sensitive not only to odd smells, but also to smells of food, or room smell. Some women vomit just because of smell.

Nauseous because of saliva

This morning sickness is also called “salivary hyper osmosis” and it is when saliva is excessively secreted. Due to the secretion of plenty of drool, you feel discomfort in the mouth, which leads to nausea. It is hard to deal with this simply by swallowing or spitting out.

Feel sleepy

This morning sickness is when you feel sleepy always and everywhere during whatever you do. When you are awake, you feel dull and you don’t feel like doing anything. Because of this, many mothers are unable to do work or housework well.

3. Is it dangerous if you have morning sickness for a long time?

Symptoms of pregnancy hyperemesis are very severe symptoms of morning sickness at the beginning of pregnancy, symptoms such as the condition when you can’t eat anything, or vomit every time you eat food. In some cases, it is difficult to even drink water. If you lose weight suddenly, both you and your baby will be in danger.

See your gynecologist if you lose weight more than 10% of your weight or if you feel that your morning sickness is really terrible.

4. Is baby okay with morning sickness?

At the early stage of pregnancy, you may not be able to eat food, vomit or lose weight because of morning sickness. When you suffer severe morning sickness, you may be worried about your baby.

However, a baby is very small when you have morning sickness and he/she can grow up through the nutrients that you already have in your body. When you consider your baby, you may try to eat food as much as you can. But it may lead you to have severe morning sickness.

To have morning sickness is normal thing. And most of mothers have this. However, the symptoms vary depending on the individual. If you feel really sick because of morning sickness, ask help from your husband or family and see your doctor.