【Story of My Experience】How To drink Belta Enzyme Drink? Did I Lose weight?

“Belta Enzyme Drink” is an enzyme drink containing 165 kinds of enzyme extract. There are many good feedback stating that many people drink Belta Enzyme Drink for diet and beauty. And so I wondered if it was also going to work for me.

This article will show the best way to drink Belta Enzyme Drink and the result of my diet.

1. Contains beauty components

As you know, Belta Enzyme Drink contains beauty components. As a woman, it is natural to be concerned about beauty, right? Hyaluronic acid, Placenta and Pomegranate are just some of the components of Belta Enzyme Drink! These have especially great effects on your skin!

This made me want to buy and try Belta Enzyme Drink. So I finally bought it!

2. How is the taste?

First, I drank this as an undiluted solution. As most reviews have been saying, it tastes like peach!! It’s tasty and easy to drink. I like the taste of this undiluted solution.

As I tried to observe the taste more carefully, I sensed the slight taste of Placenta. There are many enzyme drinks that taste like green juice or grass because the enzyme drink is made from fermented wild grass.

However, Belta Enzyme Drink doesn’t taste like grass at all! It’s fruity and I love it. I think I can keep drinking this everyday because it’s easy on the palate.

3. How to drink

If you want to replace your regular breakfast with Belta Enzyme Drink, it’s better to drink this with soda, not as an undiluted solution since this makes you feel full. If you don’t replace it, the best timing to drink is an hour before a meal.

I tried to drink Belta Enzyme Drink with soda and soy milk on other day. When I added soy milk to Belta Enzyme Drink, the taste is softer and fruitier. So, it was tastier!

I also tried to add Belta enzyme Drink to yogurt. 20mg of Belta Enzyme Drink will produce a richer taste. Yogurt is also fermented food, so it’s good with Belta Enzyme Drink.

4. Result

I‘ve been drinking Belta Enzyme Drink for a month. And the result is I lost 5kg!! According to many reviews, some people said they lost 8kg. Although I didn’t lose weight that much, I think 5kg a month is a good result for me!

I think people who lost up to 8kg, tried to do fasting for a couple of days in the beginning and then back to normal breakfast gradually. Well, maybe you need to do this if you really want to lose weight.

The thing that made me happier was that my skin was better than before. Now I have smooth skin! I think some beauty components in Belta Enzyme Drink worked for me. My body felt refreshed and the next morning, acne was gone. Skin got resilient and it was perfect for make-up.

You can try Belta Enzyme Drink before eating your meals. This way, you will see significant results. But, if you really want to lose more weight, you should replace breakfast with Belta Enzyme Drink. Then, you can get better results.

However, the important thing is to continue drinking Belta Enzyme drink. Even if you have already lost weight, you might get a re-bound. It’s better to drink Belta Enzyme Drink everyday at a reasonable pace. Then, you can enjoy the results. 😊

Enjoy the taste of Belta Enzyme Drink and watch your weight go down!