Our Products

Belta Folic Acid

A balanced mix of enzymes, nutrients, and beauty ingredients. Great for before and after birth.

Bi-Suppon Collagen Supplement

Make your skin glow with Bi-Suppon Collagen Supplement.

Belta Malt Raw Enzyme

Supercharge your body with live Aspergillus enzymes and 37 different ingredients. An all-in-one beauty supplement.

RE Placenta Essence Serum

Resist signs of aging, revitalize dull-looking skin, and keep it smooth, firm, and radiant with the Nobel prize-winning, youth-enhancing ingredients of RE Serum.

Belta Enzyme Drink

The perfect fasting companion. Satisfy your hunger and get the beauty ingredients that makes your skin glow.

Palclair Gel

An all-in-one acne solution that treats tough acne while nourishing your skin. Contains ingredients that help lighten dark spots, such as acne scars.

RE Placenta Beauty Essence Mask

Instantly brighten, hydrate, and deeply moisturize your skin with RE Placenta Essence luxurious mask.

Palclair Creamieux

Prevent acne before it starts! Palclair Creamieux clay facial cleanser creates a strong foam that scoops out impurities from your pores.

Belta HMB

Get the most out of your workout with Belta HMB.

Belta BCAA

Get the most out of your workout with Belta BCAA.

Belta Hair Care Lotion

A medicated hair tonic for women. Treat your scalp and help your hair grow.

Belta Pueraria

Flat chest no more! Belta Pueraria is packed with Pueraria Mirifica, which helps to enhance breast development.

Belta Mother Cream

A maternity cream with silanol, enzymes, coenzyme Q10, amino acids, and vitamins together with nutrients and beauty ingredients.

Bikanreicha Diet Tea

Detox your body with Bikanreicha Diet Tea. Make it easier to lose weight and satisfy your sweet tooth with this delicious tea.

Belta Shampoo & Treatment

Treat your hair right with Belta Shampoo & Treatment. Contains 15 organic ingredients and 22 types of herbal essences. 

Belta Rooibos Tea

A delicious blend of 11 ingredients in a single “miracle” rooibos tea. Certified organic.

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Belta means “beautiful woman” in Italian. Belta’s pursuit of beauty is its most distinguishing feature. All Belta products contain carefully selected ingredients that help women enhance their beauty, and in high concentrations. Expect health and beauty with Belta.

The name Palclair is a combination of the English “pearl” and French “clair” (“transparent”). It expresses our pursuit of clear, pearl-like transparent skin. Palclair seeks to help people suffering from recurring acne by providing the highest quality products. 

Beauty isn’t made, but cultivated. By improving our body mechanisms and adding in what we lack, Bestar supports a healthy lifestyle, as well as continued beauty and health.

Supporting Women Like You

We individually support the success of our customers – be beautifully healthy

At Blue Bee One, we value the importance of beauty, most importantly health. We support you every step of the way to succeed in this goal. We will be with you from pre-purchase up to your daily health & beauty regimen.

Your Blue Bee One Customer Success Staff is a group of experts that have the same aspirations and goals with you. Let’s achieve and value our health & beauty together.

Our mission is to help each customer attain their goals. We take into account each person’s unique lifestyles and goals, and provide support tailored to these needs. Do not hesitate to consult us for advice. We are more than willing to help – be healthy & beautiful, not just “or” but must be “and.” Let’s do this together. WE ARE HERE!!!

Our Mission

Supporting lifelong beauty for women.

The Blue Bee One brand seeks to support all women in their beauty and health.

We know that beauty is important for all women. Beauty defines who we are as a person, i.e., as a lady, woman, wife, mother, & grandmother. Our beauty tells our story. Hence, we invest a lot on it.

Beauty is nothing without “health.” To start your steps to becoming beautiful, put health at the center of this goal. Your investment to beauty is worthless if you forget to invest in your health. In reality, your health defines your beauty.

We, your Blue Bee One Customer Success Staff, will be with you in this realization. We value your beauty that we want to give you the right tips, steps, solutions, & options to achieve your goal of getting a healthy beauty.

Blue Bee One, along with our Customer Success Staff, is here to be your expert, confidante, friend, listener, and adviser. We are formed with the aspirations of help & support. We know how helping hand make a person as a whole. Put value to your health and beauty.

You are a lady, a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. You are YOU. Be yourself by keeping a healthy beauty.